Your air conditioner drain line is the lifeline of your cooling system. If you AC drain becomes clogged, not only will you live without cooled air, but you may also have water damage throughout your home as well, depending on the length of time it has been clogged.Is Your Air Conditioner Drain Line Clogged?

Make Sure Your HVAC Filters Are Clear
Filters and drain clogs? When your filters are dirty, small dust particles start to accumulate on the evaporator coil. The more dust in your system, the more they slip past the filter and into the AC drainage system. Keeping them clean is your first line of defense. At a minimum, change them out twice a year, before turning on the heat in the fall and the AC in the spring. If you have a busy household, consider changing them once a month.

Make Sure Your Drain Flows Away From The System
If you notice a small leak, check to see if the drainage has changed on your system. Many of our calls are handled with the simple task of finding the drain being knocked out of the hub, or the AC drain flowing in the reverse direction. This can happen when someone works near the unit and causes a misalignment of the air conditioning drain system.

Have Your System Serviced Twice A Year
Your HVAC technician is the best person to service your air conditioner. They understand how to properly clean your drain lines and repair any maintenance items that may need correction. They have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time.

Your air conditioner should never surprise you with cooling problems. If you’re proactive and address possible problems before they occur, you’ll have cool air all summer long.