Having trouble with your HVAC equipment? Want to make sure your air conditioner is operating for the warm summer months to come? It may be time for a little AC repair.

And while a yearly checkup is necessary to keep your air conditioner running efficiently all summer long, it may not be where your trouble lies. It may be with your air handler.Air Conditioners or Air Handlers, What’s The Difference?

An air handler contains the components that move conditioned air throughout your home, called the blower. The air handler is usually located inside your home and operates with both the heating and cooling components of your HVAC system.

Yet not all systems will have both. If you’re searching for a conventional furnace or air conditioner, you’ll likely never need an air handler because they work with electric heat pumps instead.

Take a quick look at your HVAC equipment and you’ll see an air handler closely resembles a furnace. They can run with either the air conditioner or with a heat pump. It runs with a coil, used to cool and heat your home depending on which system it’s running with.

Air conditioners contain a condenser and is typically placed outside the home. Air conditioners don’t cool the existing air within your home. Instead, they pull heat out from inside your home through the components inside the system, expelling it outside. The removal of heat is what makes the air cooler.

The warm air is drawn into the system through the air ducts, then moves over a refrigerant coil. As the warm air travels across the cooled coil, heat is removed. Refrigerant lines then push the heat outside. What’s left is cooler, more comfortable indoor air that helps you stay cool even on the hottest days.

Ready to replace the HVAC equipment in your home and not sure which is the most efficient for your lifestyle? Get in touch with one of our technicians to learn about the differences and decide which is the best system for you.