Having a new furnace installed into your home isn’t just a small, routine purchase. It’s a major home improvement. You’ll spend a lot of money upgrading to a new furnace or boiler system; even more if you replace your air conditioner or make routine ductwork improvements. And if any major modifications must be done to fit the new system into your existing home, the costs will significantly rise.Choosing The Right Heating System and Furnace Installation Company

With any home improvement project of this size, it isn’t unusual to ask for several bids from a variety of contractors here within the Denver Metro region. Yet don’t be surprised if the bids vary greatly from one contractor to the next. Having bids vary by $1,000 or even greater happens quite frequently. And while your first instinct is to look at the bottom line first, and go with the lowest bid, that isn’t always the wisest move.

Better contractors might charge more, but there’s a reason they charge what they do. The value isn’t in the bottom line, it’s in the details.

When evaluating bids, look at the price, and look at what you get for the price. Things like labor, quality, product, energy savings and warranty all play into the fee. An extremely low bid may not include all the labor, the routine services and warranty.

Also, ask the contractor about licensing and training. A well trained, up to date contractor understands the importance of purchasing high efficiency equipment, and making sure you install the correct equipment for your home and your situation. He will spend time evaluating your current equipment, ask questions about how you live, and make sure he provides the right equipment in his final bid.

Depending on the age of your equipment, you may require additional services. Old heating systems may be covered with asbestos insulation, requiring special removal processes to switch out the system. Old systems may also be different sized and shaped than new, meaning your space may need modification during installation.

A good bid should be submitted in writing after a site visit, and should include the proposed new equipment, what work is required, and the full cost including labor. Never give your business to a company offering an estimate over the phone without looking at the work that needs to be done. You should expect a full evaluation of your current equipment, heat load calculation, and analysis of the new equipment needed to provide you with a solid, quality system that will work well for years to come.

Finally, concentrate on finding a contractor that is a part of the community. Reliable contractors are professional from the beginning. They are prompt and courteous. They have published addresses and proof they have been in business and intend to stay in business in the future. They answer questions and understand that the first step in having a happy client is making sure you are happy with your final decision. Pressure should always be off the table.

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