If you’ve ever taken a peek in and around your HVAC unit, you’ve likely seen mold. It’s a common complaint.

Mold can grow and proliferate and make occupants sick without ever being seen. And because of the way your HVAC system operates, it’s one of the fastest ways to spread mold throughout your home.

The reason it’s so common is that mold is almost always present in and around your HVAC system. Mold forms quickly around moisture and humid conditions. You can’t eliminate it completely, but you can control it.Dealing With Mold: A Common HVAC Complaint

Mold needs two things to grow: moisture and food. Take away both, and the mold goes away.

That’s why it’s an important part of routine maintenance to check your HVAC equipment on a regular basis.

Look at the drain and the condensate pans to make sure they are draining properly. If they aren’t, the moisture that accumulates can quickly grow mold.

Look at the HVAC ducts and system components, such as air handlers and blowers. Ensure they are free of moisture and standing water.

Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. That’s why routine checking is important, even after a regularly scheduled maintenance visit.

When checking and cleaning, be sure you use a reputable HVAC service company to ensure cleanup is done correctly. Depending on the situation, a technician should:

  • Wear appropriate clothing, including an N-95 respirator
  • Replace anything porous, such as filters or insulation that becomes wet
  • Use EPA registered disinfectant to clean any non-porous surfaces
  • Apply a mold and mildew inhibitor to all components

Do you have any questions about mold forming around your HVAC system?