We see it happen a lot around the holidays. Families gather. Parties are planned. People gather in the kitchen celebrating.

And the furnace won’t turn on.

It’s not karma. It’s a simple fact that the more you use something, the more likely it is to escalate any potential problem that exists. That small little sound, that funny smell, you noticed them back in the first few weeks your furnace kicked on. If you ignore it, it can escalate into a much bigger problem.

Then the temperature drops. More people are at home. Demand goes up. Problems occur. And people call in, causing immense backups in service times. Add in the fact that many heating and cooling companies don’t work on holidays, or charge extra for services, and the problems escalate.Don’t Forget Your Furnace This Holiday Season

That’s why it’s important to avoid potential problems whenever possible.

Start with the obvious

We say it again and again on this blog. That’s because it’s the most basic maintenance item you can do for your furnace. Replacing your filter once a month not only keeps the air quality in your home in better condition, it can also extend the life of your furnace.

What’s more, these little items aren’t expensive and are readily available anywhere you shop. You can get inexpensive air filters for just a few dollars. But keep in mind it’s worth upgrading just a little to ensure you’re filtering out more than dust. This cleans the air your family will be breathing Choosing one that filters out smaller particles will ensure cleaner air to breathe for everyone.

Test the thermostat

This is something you should be doing on a daily basis. As your thermostat changes throughout the day, how does your furnace respond? Does it ever feel colder than you anticipated? Do you keep bumping up the heat trying to get warm? Of course, a sudden dip in the temperature can be the culprit. Those few days of below zero weather can wreak havoc on trying to stay warm. But if temperatures outside remain relatively the same and you notice a change in how well your home maintains its temperature, there could be a problem.

Unblock the vents

Over time, homeowners often make changes to their room’s decor without thinking about how it affects airflow. Walk around your home and ensure every vent and register has at least a couple of inches of clearance around it. Blocking vents not only can create cold spots throughout your home, but it can also impact your equipment. Your furnace can work harder to compensate for the fluctuations in temperature throughout your home. This could end up overheating your furnace and burning it out years before its time.

Have a question about your furnace and heating equipment this winter? We can help.