Renewable energy: it’s something we’ve been working towards for years. Green technologies have many benefits, including the ability to decrease our environmental footprint on the planet. And while the goal of many different industries has been to increase the energy efficiency of traditional systems, HVAC to has seen its share of changes.Green Technologies Changing HVAC

Looking for ways to bring new technology into your home that will not only save energy but save money too?

The On Demand Hot Water Recirculator

How much water do you waste waiting for the water to warm to the touch? An on demand hot water recirculator is a pump that attaches to the hot and cold water lines under a kitchen or bath fixture. When activated, the cool water is drained back to circulate into the water heater through the cold water line and allows the hot water to be delivered on demand. According to some estimates, it can save as much as 12,000 gallons of water a year by eliminating the need to wait for warm water.

The Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps have been growing in popularity and use. A geothermal heat pump makes use of the heat inside the earth by looping piping under ground. During cold months, fluid in the piping absorbs heat, which is carried back indoors to provide heating. It is said to be as much as four times more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Energy Analysis Software

Where are your biggest potential energy savings? This software can help determine the most energy efficient and cost-saving HVAC systems for a space before you install. It’s a benefit to architects and engineers who are looking for the best equipment for the job before they finalize their approach. Such software can be used to project a building’s lifetime energy use while also incorporating other things into the mix, such as using green roofing technology.

We have even more ideas to help you utilize more green technology throughout your home, and become more energy efficient in the process. Have questions? Give us a call today.