Home automation is a word you hear a lot of these days. Home automation is impacting just about everything from your home, from your security system to your lights, to your appliances. That includes your HVAC system.

In some ways, you might have automated your HVAC system years ago. Do you have a programmable thermostat? That gives you the ability to control your furnace and your air conditioner based on your needs.

With today’s smart technology, you can control even more with your HVAC system, including performance, maintenance, and energy efficiency.Home Automation And Your HVAC

Let’s start with allowing your home to be more energy efficient. A smart thermostat can be programmed in a number of ways. Start by programming it to operate on your time schedule. It can turn on before you rise in the morning and turn down as you leave for the day. You can only run the system in the zones in your home you need the most.

And if you forget or change your schedule one day, you can adjust it from anywhere you have wifi access. We’ve all sat in our desks at the office, or boarded a plane and wondered if you forgot to your thermostat down. Now you can check on your system and adjust it from anywhere in the world. That can also help in the middle of winter, while you’re sitting on the beach and hear of a cold snap back home, simply adjust the thermostat up a few degrees to ensure your pipes are safe.

While all of that gives you more flexibility in your heating and cooling options, nothing makes it more apparent than when you see the results on the bottom line.

Smart HVAC systems also come with real time reports. If cutting costs is equally as important to you as having home comfort, a smart system will be able to tell you ways in which it could operate more efficiently.

We’re dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and helping you navigate this ever-changing industry. We’ll tell you how the latest technology can improve your home’s comfort levels, help keep your air quality in check, and add more to your bottom line every month as well. If you’re ready for home automation in your HVAC system, we’re here to help.