As a homeowner, keeping your Colorado home in top condition can sometimes leave you in a quandary. Advancements in technology have extended the life cycle of virtually all of your home appliances and systems equipment. But because these very same technological improvements can make your home even more efficient, there is a reason to update your appliances and system on a regular basis.How Long Should Your Colorado HVAC Equipment Last

What’s a homeowner to do?

Overall, HVAC equipment is built for a long life. It depends on many things:

  • Run time hours per day
  • The environment around your HVAC equipment
  • How well the equipment is maintained
  • How often the equipment is repaired
  • How mission-critical the equipment is

Equipment can last 10, 20, even 30 years or more dependent on these variables. Furnaces often push the upper limits, with 20 years being the average life. They are usually in self-contained environments that keep the furnace relatively stable throughout its life. Not so with air conditioners. Because air conditioner units are outdoor and are subjected to extreme weather changes, they often have shorter life spans, with averages closer to the 15 year range.

When we evaluate how much value a piece of equipment has and whether it’s time for replacement, we usually consider two things.

1. Has the appliance been in operation for more than two-thirds of its expected life?

2. Is the appliance in need of a repair that exceeds 25 percent of its full replacement cost?

We also look at the repair needed. If parts are no longer available, or if a component has become obsolete, such as refrigerant, the system will need to be replaced.

If your gas furnace is properly sized and installed for your home, with minimal maintenance over the years, you can easily expect it to last the 20 to 30 years. But keep in mind that as your lifestyle changes, so to can your requirements for your system.

Have you remodeled and expanded your home?

Has your family size changed? Requirements for a young couple are different than a couple with several kids, especially as those kids age and grow into teenagers.

Is your HVAC equipment operating efficiently for your home?