Does your home depend on a boiler for heating and hot water? It’s a very effective way of heating many homes here in Colorado.

Yet as we move from the warm summer months into fall and winter, your boiler system may have developed issues that won’t be apparent until the first frigid day and your boiler system simply doesn’t work as it should.How To Troubleshoot Common Boiler Problems

Just like any other appliance or fixture in your home, boilers often showcase certain symptoms to alert you a problem is developing. If you recognize these common signs early, and schedule a routine and inspection and maintenance call before they grow into something larger, you can save both time and money, preventing a larger issue from occurring.

Boilers often display these warning signs when a problem is developing:

  • Your system begins making unusual noises, such as whistling, gurgling, or banging sounds
  • Water drips or leaks from your boiler system
  • Your pilot light goes out multiple times
  • Your boiler shuts itself off sporadically
  • Your system loses pressure
  • Your thermostat malfunctions
  • Your radiator won’t get hot or varies in temperature, even when you don’t adjust it
  • Your home loses heat and hot water

Sources of these issues occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Problems with electricity supply
  • Problems with gas supply
  • Pilot light malfunctions
  • Boiler thermostat malfunctions
  • Radiator valve breakdown
  • Electronic programmer malfunctions

Our boiler technicians understand the complexity of your heating system. They can quickly identify where the problem lies and make adjustments accordingly. And if problems are just beginning, it’ll be nice knowing you solved the problem before the first real cold spell begins and your demand for heat rises exponentially.