Did you know that exhaust fans are beneficial for maintaining ideal temperatures and air quality throughout your home? Without them, places like your kitchen or bathroom aren’t ventilated properly, which means they aren’t letting out the bad air that can impact your indoor air quality.

Exhaust fans pull odors, fumes, and moisture from specific areas of your home. It vents to the outdoors for removal. The fan uses a motor to turn blades, which pulls air out of the space. That means any stale, humid, or contaminated air is moved through the exhaust vent and exits the home.Installing an Exhaust Fan For Your Comfort

In most cases, exhaust fans operate by flipping a switch on the wall. But some models are equipped with a thermostat that signals the unit to operate when certain conditions are reached. Exhaust fans can be used to:

  • Quickly cool down areas that have become too hot or humid, such as in the bathroom after a steamy shower, or when cooking in the kitchen.
  • Remove moisture that can damage the walls, ceilings, floors, and other surface areas.
  • Remove odors and contaminants.

There are many different types of exhaust fans available for home use. They are either vented directly to the outdoors by the unit itself or a dedicated duct, or is connected to your home’s ventilation system. You’ll find both wall and ceiling mounted fans that are commonly used in the bathroom, and range hood exhaust fans in the kitchens.

It is important to ensure your exhaust fan is operating properly. Two common reasons prevent them from working as they should.

If the exhaust fan isn’t installed correctly, heat and moisture may be escaping into other areas of your home. This means the air isn’t being directed outside, and instead is being directed to other parts of your home, such as the attic, causing additional problems.

If the exhaust fan is of poor quality, it might be loud or noisy. This often prevents occupants from using them in their proper manner. If you don’t use them when taking a long hot shower, for example, it can’t properly direct humid air out of the bathroom and away from your home. Thus, moisture lingers and contributes to poor indoor air quality.

Is your exhaust fan properly installed?