If you look around your house, you’ll discover many things have evolved over time. We don’t watch tv the same way we did a decade ago – can you imagine using VHS? If you have a new clothes washer, it might feel like you need a class just to understand all the settings.Is It Time For Smart HVAC?

With that much change, why shouldn’t your HVAC system evolve too?

It has. Gone are the days of simple systems with ductwork, blowers, and chillers. Now you’ll find many HVAC systems feature highly complex computer controls, and will include things like dual-zoning for increased comfort in different regions of your home. Or how about smart sensors, which can detect problems and relay critical information to technicians when a problem exists?

These types of technology aren’t just futuristic dreams anymore.

When it comes time to replace HVAC equipment, homeowners often cringe at the cost. While initial purchase price can vary greatly by system type and size, it is also important to note that this is a small amount in the price a homeowner will pay over time. What if you knew you could reduce your utility bills by 10, 20 percent or more every month for the next couple of decades? What if you know you could reduce the amount you’ll spend on HVAC maintenance?

Studies have found that technicians find problems with as many as 7 out of every 10 systems they work on. They also find that the average system operates at only 57 percent of their total capacity.

Updating and going with smart HVAC can make us this difference.

With smart technology, new equipment with wireless sensors can monitor even tiny fluctuations in airflow, temperatures, and overall performance. Working together with an HVAC company that offers smart technology can allow you the opportunity to design and install total home comfort plans, where preventative maintenance occurs every time a sensor reports there is a problem.

This means not only will you be operating close to efficiency at all times, but you can also gain the benefits that come from knowing your utility bills will be as low as possible each month, no matter what the weather.

When is the last time you updated your HVAC technology?