Have you determined this is the year you’ll replace your old furnace with a new energy efficient model? Or maybe a contractor recently told you your AC unit was worn out and in need of replacing.

Now what?

yellow pages with phone receiver isolated on white

yellow pages with phone receiver isolated on white

Searching for the right contractor to replace your HVAC equipment can be a daunting task. Choosing the right system and manufacturer for your needs can be difficult. But finding the right contractor can be overwhelming. With all of the horror stories from family and friends about shoddy companies and bad equipment, how do you know who you can trust?

In many ways, you can start the process a the beginning – discover which company offers you the best service and the best deal through the quote process.

Quotes are crucial in helping you understand the products and services you will receive. They also help you determine how good a company is at customer service. When you ask for a quote, there are a few things every reputable HVAC contractor will do.

Ask the right questions
A contractor should never give a quote without evaluating your system and your needs first. They should ask plenty of questions. They should understand your lifestyle. They should understand any problems you’ve had in the past, and how you will use the system in the future.

Size matters
You can’t choose a furnace or air conditioner simply by eyeballing your current system. A HVAC contractor should provide a quote after running a proper load calculation to determine the right sized system for your home. A system that is too large will shut off to quickly to properly dehumidify your home. A system that is too small will always be running, trying to keep up with demand.

Evaluate the entire system
A quote should never be for materials only. A contractor should fully evaluate your entire system, including ductwork and other aspects of your indoor air quality system, to make sure you are quoted everything you need. Is your current ductwork effective for the new system? Will a new unit fit in the old space? All of that and more should be used to produce a correct quote.

Also trust your instinct. By talking with a contractor and asking questions throughout the process, you’ll usually find yourself leaning towards and trusting one more than the other. Being happy with the system is just as important as being happy with the customer service you’ll receive throughout the process.