Many of us love our open floorplan homes. And what’s not to love? They offer more light, more room, and a less cramped feeling than a more traditional home has to offer.

Unfortunately, even though an open concept floorplan can provide you with freer living space, it also has its drawbacks. Homeowners that have open concept homes usually list their number one difficulty is the expense of keeping their homes warm during the coldest of days in the winter. To help you create a warmer home while keeping your utility bills down, give these tips a try.Open Floorplan Homes and Heating Efficiency

Seal and Insulate

Every home has minor cracks and crevices that allow heat to escape. If your home’s envelope has a leak, it’s allowing your conditioned air to filter outside, reducing your overall efficiency. Caulking and sealing any cracks or crevices in perimeter locations, such as doors and windows, are vital to making your home a warmer place to live.

Ceiling Fans

An easy way to make the most out of your furnace system’s output is to circulate heated air throughout the expansive living space. Adjust your ceiling fan to direct heated air back down into your room by turning the blades from “forward” to “backward” setting. This will help keep heated air off tall ceilings and direct it back down to where you and your family play every day.

Heat Only Your Space

Are you camped out on the sofa having a movie night with your family? Why not power up your natural gas fireplace to heat your space instead? Just because you have a wide open space doesn’t mean it all has to be brought up to a warm temperature. Concentrate heat to only where you’ll be, especially if it’s for an extended period of time.

Warm The Floor

Radiant flooring is also a great way to heat your home. Using a hydronic water-based system underneath your flooring can be added either during construction or a remodel to heat your room from the ground up.

Is your home as warm as you would like it to be?