Dirt and grime can quickly build up on your air conditioning coils if they aren’t properly cleaned. And as this buildup occurs, your air conditioning system will have to work harder and harder to produce the same results. Eventually, it will decrease cooling, increase the cost of operating the system, to the point it may shut down the system altogether.

Dirty coils can reduce the lifespan of your equipment. They can interfere with the heat transfer process, requiring more electricity to run the system. The dirtier the system becomes, the more it can spread mildew, mold, and other contaminants, causing poor air quality throughout your home.Why Your Air Conditioning Coils Need Cleaning

A clean system works at peak efficiency and lasts longer. All good reasons to ensure your air conditioning coils are working as well as possible. You can improve efficiencies by as my as 16 percent or more just by cleaning the evaporator and air conditioning coils on a regular basis.

High pressure cold water is the most effective way to remove dirt from the coils. Pressurized water pushes dirt and grime out of the coils and away from the system. However, keep in mind that too much pressure can bend the coil’s delicate fins. These aluminum fins are responsible for heat exchange and can be permanently damaged if they are bent.

Heat and steam aren’t recommended for cleaning coils as they can build pressure within the coils, potentially damaging them.

While there are many step-by-step checklists online that walk you through how to clean your air conditioning coils, be sure you have the proper tools and skillset to accomplish it the right way. A professional HVAC technician has everything in place to reach into tight spaces to blow off dirt and dust before reaching out with low pressure nozzles to wash the debris from the coils.

It’s also important to ensure to use mold inhibitors on the coils after cleaning to prevent mold growth over time. Because the air conditioner is a constant source of moisture, the drain pan should be kept clean from slime and other bacterial growth. We can add biocide tablets to ensure bacterial growth is kept to a minimum throughout the summertime.

When is the last time your air conditioning coils were cleaned?