Summertime is roaring in. The temperatures are rising steadily.

Is your air conditioner doing its job?

Maybe it’s not as cold as it once was. Maybe it squeaks or groans. Is there something you can do?your-summertime-air-conditioner-checklist

Replace your air conditioner filter – The easiest way to breathe new life back into your AC unit is to replace the filter. Filters keep debris out of the system. When they are in active use, you should replace them at least once a season, more often if you use it nonstop. Starting with a clean filter each year will help keep your system operating at its best.

Clean your air conditioning unit – As you are cleaning and maintaining your yard, be sure to keep your air conditioning unit clean as well. Be sure plants aren’t growing over or around it. Keep other debris and landscaping materials free from the unit. Use a brush to remove dirt and spray the outside with a hose to keep clean.

Check condensation lines – The condensation lines should run clear and be kept clog-free to avoid damage to your AC unit. If you notice puddling or ice formations, it’s time to call in an HVAC expert for repair.

Spot check your house – Many things can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to: inadequate insulation, inefficient doors and windows, leaking air ducts. Are there spots in your home that never seem to be as cool as the rest of your home? Problem areas can cause the air conditioning unit to run more than needed, which increases the wear and tear on the equipment and shortens its life. Solving the problem as soon as possible ensures your equipment is in top condition throughout the summer season.

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